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Washington, McInnes, & Parnagian Victorious in Race 1 at Utah

Grantsville, UT | Round 5 of the Porsche Sprint Challenge USA West took place today at the scenic Utah Motorsports Campus. Coming into this weekend a fierce championship battle was going to be put to the test as Paul Nemscoff held just a 2 point lead over fellow competitor, Laura Ely, in the USA West GT3 Cup 991 class. Qualifying this morning saw the pure emotion of Kayden Kelly from Throttle Therapy Motorsports who was the fastest qualifier overall in his very first weekend with the series. Race 1 in Utah was highlighted by the GT3 Cup 991 class who were able to stay in front of the 992 class and take the top overall positions. The USA West GT3 Cup 991 class was won by John McInnes who got his first victory of the season and placed P1 Overall. Taking 2nd in the class and P2 Overall was Kelly. Rounding out the 991 class podium was Ely who took P3 Overall. The USA West GT3 Cup 992 class was won by Kyle Washington who took P4 Overall. Coming in 2nd place for the class and P5 Overall was Bellomo, and wrapping up the podium was Krahn who took P9 Overall. In the USA West Cayman class Sam Parnagian found himself on top of the box and placed P13 Overall. 2nd place in the class was Gordon who took P14 Overall. The Cayman class podium was rounded out by Gaulke who took P15 Overall.

Race 2 will be live streamed tomorrow at 11:50 am MST via Race Control.

USA West GT3 Cup 992 Podium:

🥇#123 - Washington (P4 Overall)

🥈#68 - Bellomo (P5 Overall)

🥉#339 - Krahn (P9 Overall)

USA West GT3 Cup 991 Podium:

🥇#55 - McInnes (P1 Overall)

🥈#880 - Kelly(P2 Overall)

🥉#09 - Ely (P3 Overall)

USA West Cayman Podium:

🥇#157 - Parnagian (P13 Overall)

🥈#231 - Gordon (P14 Overall)

🥉#90 - Gaulke (P15 Overall)

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