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PSC USA West - Sonoma Race 1

Sonoma, CA | The Californian sunshine broke through the rain clouds to help dry the track prior to the Porsche Sprint Challenge USA West series kicking off Race 1 at Sonoma Raceway. Race 1 featured a full green flag session with 35 minutes of racing. Once again, all three Porsche classes of GT3 Cup 992, GT3 Cup 991, and Cayman were racing all together. An absolute dominant performance by Chris Bellomo propelled him into winning the GT3 Cup 992 class. In the GT3 Cup 991 class Laura Ely and Paul Nemschoff had a fierce battle back-and-forth with Ely ending up on top when time expired. Lastly, Michael Gaulke not only won the Cayman class, but also won the Apex award for Race 1 being the driver with the most overtakes for the race.

Race 1 Podium Finishers:

GT3 Cup 992:

🥇 #68 Bellomo

🥈 #132 Washington

🥉 #042 Davoudi

GT3 Cup 991:

🥇 #09 Ely

🥈 #41 Nemschoff

🥉 #56 McInnes


🥇 #90 Gaukle

🥈 #42 Bonderson

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