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North America and USA West Cap-Off Successful Weekend at VIR

Alton, VA | Porsche Sprint Challenge North America and Porsche Sprint Challenge USA West wrapped off a successful weekend full of racing at Virginia International Raceway. A total of 5 races took place this weekend which left us with 10 podiums between the two series.

Race two for the North American Cayman class was won by Aidan Kenny who had an excellent turn around from a DNF yesterday. Taking 2nd in the Cayman was Weir of MDK Motorsports following his Cayman win yesterday. Wrapping up the North American Podium was Smith who also took 3rd place overall. The USA West Cayman class was won by Paul Bonderson who took 17th overall followed by the 2nd place finisher of Gaulke who took 20th overall. Flying Lizard Motorsports swept the podium in the USA West Cayman class.

In the North American GT3 Cup 992 class Sebastian Carazo raced his way to victory finishing P1 overall for the GT3 Cup Race. Coming in 2nd place for the North America 992 class was Castro who took 3rd place overall. Wrapping up the podium for the class was Uretsky who finished 5th overall. On the USA West side of the class was Chris Bellomo who won that class and finished 6th overall.

The North American GT3 Cup 991 class one once again by TJ Fischer who secured his 2nd victory of the weekend. Fischer placed 2nd overall. Taking 2nd in the North American GT3 Cup 991 class was Llibre who also took 4th overall. Rounding out the podium for the 991 class was Bloom who placed 8th overall. The USA West GT3 Cup 991 class was won by Laura Ely who placed 10th overall. Finishing in a close 2nd was Nemschoff who placed 11th overall. He was followed by King who took 3rd in the class and finished 16th overall.

The Yokohama Apex award was won by William Tally. The Yokohama Apex award is given to the driver that passes the most cars during the span of the racing session.

North America Cayman Podium:

🥇 #22 - Kenny (P1 Overall)

🥈 #23 - Weir (P2 Overall)

🥉 #421 - Smith (P3 Overall)

USA West Cayman Podium:

🥇 #42 - Bonderson (P17 Overall)

🥈 #90 - Gaulke (P20 Overall)

North America GT3 Cup 992 Podium:

🥇 #27 - Carazo (P1 Overall)

🥈 #65 - Castro (P3 Overall)

🥉 #55 - Uretsky (P5 Overall)

USA West GT3 Cup 992 Podium:

🥇 #68 - Bellomo (P6 Overall)

North America GT3 Cup 991 Podium:

🥇 #82 - Fischer (P2 Overall)

🥈 #89 - Llibre (P4 Overall)

🥉 #66 - Bloom (P8 Overall)

USA West GT3 Cup 991 Podium:

🥇 #09 - Ely (P10 Overall)

🥈 #241 - Nemschoff (P11 Overall)

🥉 #777 - King (P16 Overall)

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