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Llibre Meets with Dominican Republic President

Indianapolis, IN | After winning both Porsche Sprint Challenge North America races at the Miami GP Jimmy Llibre is awarded yet again, this time with the honor of meeting the President of the Dominican Republic. Yesterday, Llibre met with Dominican Republic President, Luis Abinader, in the nation’s capital of Santo Domingo. Llibre can be seen photographed with the president holding his 1st place trophy and medals from the winning of two races at the Miami GP. According to the President’s Instagram account it was a special moment to hear the playing of the Dominican Republic’s national anthem for the first time in a motorsports event of this level.

Jimmy Llibre has become one of the leading young talents from the Dominican Republic. Llibre has quickly risen to fame following the sweeping of two races of the Porsche Sprint Challenge on the series' biggest stage during the support race of the Formula One Miami Grand Prix.

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